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Within the Erasmus+ project “Learn your Culture”, yesterday 3rd of June, we had our first virtual meeting with the Budapest school. The students of 2nd ESO group A have met their Hungarian classmates. They have introduced themselves and both countries have projected works about their schools, their cities and their countries.

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The Hungarians made a presentation about Hungary, Budapest and also about their school. We have projected a presentation about Arroyo de la Luz made by two students and to show our school we have shown the video that was filmed on the occasion of the 50th anniversary in which an overview of the classrooms, playgrounds, building and sports courts is made. They have been surprised by how big our school is.

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Thanks to Francis, our IT Technician, for helping us so much with technical issues, to Carlos for his active collaboration and to M. Ángeles Cantero for supervising the work of her students. We hope that next year the international meetings can take place.

I leave you a link to show the photos of the activity. You can also see some more pictures in the Erasmus group.

Next time more and better. Click on this link to access the album.

(This text is a translation of the article written in Spanish by Yolanda Clemente)

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Last Thursday, April 29th, our students of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of ESO learned a little more about Britain from Jon's talk, courtesy of Burlington Books.

He explained them the different countries the United Kingdom is made up, their symbols, flags, typical food, celebrities and other curiosities about them.
Jon introduced us to the other languages ​​spoken in Britain, Gaelic and Welsh, and shared some interesting trivia.
In addition, some students participated in a "contest" and won various prizes. They enjoyed a lot and we are looking forward to Jon's next visit!!
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We already have the candidates to be the representative logo of the Erasmus + K229 “Learn your Culture” project. The students from all the participating countries, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Poland and the Azores islands of Portugal, have developed their logo proposals and now we have to decide.

You can vote for the ones you like the most, entering our school website. You can fin de link below.

Select the 3 logos that you like the most and click on the send button.

Remember that you have to vote for three of the finalists and that you can do it as many times as you want !!

If you want, you can vote for the logos chosen by our high school, they are the following:



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Our School has managed to become part of the Erasmus + K229 school cooperation project. These projects are intended to improve communication among the different European countries through the development of collaborative activities. It is intended that students are aware of European diversity while learning from their peers and exchanging ideas with students of the same age (12-14 years) from other countries.

Initially, the duration of the project is 2 years but we do not know how it will affect the current health situation. We participate in the project “Learn your Culture before you Teach” together with educational centers in Hungary, which is the coordinating country, Italy, Turkey, Poland and the Azores islands of Portugal. The language of communication between the different countries will be English, but the activities that students will carry out on the subject in question can be in their own language. It is a multidisciplinary project, where activities related to history, music, theater, literature, languages, art, biology, geology, dance, traditional games, folklore, gastronomy, natural spaces, crafts, new technologies, etc. will be carried out.

The project includes meetings of 4 students plus two teachers in each of the associated centers. In total 20 students and 10 teachers from each country would have the opportunity to travel to these international meetings. In these meetings, the host country programs different activities that have to do with some of the aspects worked during the development of the project. In our case, we will be hosts in the 5th mobility so we will have enough time to learn from the other centers and have the works of the center already finished. The theme that we have been assigned is Traditional Music and Dances.

This is a short summary of the objectives pursued by the “Learn your Culture before you Teach” project:

-Increase the responsibility of the student to preserve and value their own cultural and natural heritage.

-Promote the exchange of ideas between teachers.

-Create and develop activities that integrate their own cultural heritage in the learning process.

– Improve skills in languages and new technologies

.-Promote inclusion, tolerance and acceptance of students from different cultures.

Our bilingual section will actively participate in the program with the 1st and 2nd year ESO courses. The teachers who teach Geography and History and Biology lessons at these levels, Carlos López and Guadalupe Montes, will be in charge of dealing with the topics of the Erasmus + program “Learn your culture” related to their subjects, such as dances and popular traditions, as well as natural surroundings.
The use of English as the vehicular language of the program will allow these groups of students to develop skills in a second foreign language, in addition to improving their knowledge and respect for their own roots and environment.

Part of this post is a translation of the Spanish text written by Yolanda Clemente and published in the web of IES Luis de Morales School

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Click on the link to obtain more information about the Erasmus + program.


“This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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