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It is a year of celebration. Nothing more and nothing less than the 50th anniversary of our secondary school IES Luis de Morales. It has just turned 50 years since its founding in 1968.50a2


For this reason, the English Department has carried out an activity consisting of the development of a Time Line that includes historical, cultural, social, sporting or even very significant scientific events that have taken place since 1968-2018.

Our students of PMAR, Basic Vocational Training , 3rd year of ESO   and 1st year of Bachilleratohave looked for information and, together with English teachers have done this commemorative work which  has been very useful to make an authentic review of the past and compare the lives of their parents or grandparents with theirs at the current time.


It’s been hard work, but it’s been worth it!



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Sofía Ferrero Guzmán,our writing contest winner, has sent us a brief comment about her dinner at Entre2 Restaurant last 15th February:


“The dinner was fabulous. I take my friend Andrea out. We had a great time.

All the dishes were  delicious. My favourite one was the sirloin with a potato cake, I love meat.


My friend’s favourite dish was the salad. It had egg, lettuce, corn, smoked salmon, tuna, tomatoes and onion.




When we arrived everything was decorated with hearts. I really liked participating in this competition and still much more win this prize.

Thank you very much to all the English Department!”


 Sofía Ferrero Guzmán , student of 1st Year of Bachelor (History and Social Sciencies)

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The result of the First Writing Contest on Love and Friendship, celebrated on St Valentine 2019 in our school is the following:

First finalist:

Resultado de imagen de LOVE LETTERS

Title: The red thread

A love story that shows us that there is an invisible thread that unites us to certain people forever, wherever we go and regardless of how or when.

Pen Name: Athenea

Author: Alicia Cortés Molano

Course: 2nd Baccalaureate of Humanities

Second Finalist:

Resultado de imagen de LOVE LETTERS

Title: Dear Love

A letter addressed directly to Love, in which the author asks those questions that nobody has ever been able to answer. Questions sometimes painful and sometimes recriminating that make it clear that Love can be both wonderful and hurtful.

Pen Name: Ironic and sarcastic

Author: Anabel Ramos Alonso.

Course: 1st Baccalaureate of Humanities


Resultado de imagen de LOVE LETTERS

Title: Dear Irene

The winning writing is a love letter addressed to the beloved little sister. Very well organized and with an excellent use of grammar and vocabulary, the author describes a very special relationship with a person with whom she did not start very well, but who is one of the most important people in her life right now.
A sentimental and exciting letter.

Pen Name: K.L.K.

Author: Sofía Ferrero Guzmán.

Course: 1st Baccalaureate Humanities.


We will publish the three winning essays in next blog posts and we hope you enjoy reading them.

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       St Valentine’s Day Writing Contest

El Departamento de inglés del IES Luis de Morales convoca un concurso de redacción con motivo del Día de San Valentín.
Las bases son las siguientes:

1- Pueden participar los alumnos de 4º de ESO , 1º de Bachillerato y 2º de Bachillerato.
2- El tema será ‘Love and Friendship’ y puede ser una carta, poema, narración o diálogo ESCRITO EN LENGUA INGLESA.
3- La longitud del escrito tendrá un máximo de 150 palabras y un mínimo de 120.
4- La presentación se hará en folio en blanco y escrito a mano por el propio alumno o alumna (se valorará la buena caligrafía).
5- Los trabajos se presentarán hasta el día 8 de febrero (incluído) y se entregarán en la conserjería del centro.
6- En un sobre cerrado se incluirá la redacción, especificando el título y el seudónimo,en este orden:
7-Otro sobre cerrado denominado PLICA , llevará escrito fuera del mismo  el TÍTULO DE LA REDACCIÓN y el SEUDÓNIMO . En su interior se debe incluir la siguiente información:

-Título de la obra
-Nombre(s) y apellido(s) del alumno/ alumna
-Curso y grupo al que pertenece.

7- Se concederá un único premio a la mejor redacción que consistirá en una cena para dos personas en el restaurante elegido por el departamento de inglés. Asímismo,  la redacción premiada se publicará en este blog , junto con otros dos trabajos  que hayan quedado finalistas.

8- El jurado estará compuesto por profesores de los Departamentos de Lengua y Literatura y de Inglés del centro.

9-Quedarán descalificados todos aquellos escritos que no sean originales.



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Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos (ABP o PBL, Project-based learning)

This year our students of Second Year of Professional Training are going to work with projects.This way of working in the classroom helps your students

  • learn to learn

  • encourages them to participate

  • achieves significant learning

Working with projects consists of proposing to the students a research or development project with specific objectives that they must achieve. The students themselves must organize, obtain information, organize and elaborate to answer the proposed question or to solve the problem.


PBL Graphic Alone

CPBL Graphic Alone .Copyright © 2002-2018 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved.


After making a brainstorm with the students about the jobs that will be more demanded in the future or that will have greater relevance, we decided to make a series of professional profiles.
The students chose those jobs that were most interesting to them and after searching the internet, they completed a file answering key questions about these professions with a future.
Jobs as a biomechanical engineer, drone pilot, domotic technician, 3D printing technician, recycling technician, scout, video game player or blogger and instagramer,

They will post their projects in this blog to share their experiences with the rest of the school groups. These are their contributions:

Made with Padlet




(profesiones-estudiossuperiores1  .Páginas Amarillas Soluciones Digitales S.A.U.)

We would appreciate your comments on these professions. We are looking forward to your opinions.

  • Do you think they will be so important in the near future?
  • Would you like to study to become one of these professionals?
  • Do you think there are other jobs that could be added to these successful professional profiles?
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This year Halloween  has been equally terrifying, or even more so, than previous courses. Our school has been fantastically decorated with the work done by the students  of first and second cycle of ESO and of the first year of bachillerato. Besides, students of PMAR and basic vocational training have also contributed their bit.

We are going to tell you about the spooky jobs that students have done for Halloween and we will also show you some pictures to share with you.

First Cycle of ESO


ESO’s first cycle works have focused on the figure and legend of Count Dracula. Students have researched the origins of the most famous vampire in history and have learned a lot about this evil character.

Students have shown great interest and have demonstrated outstanding imagination in the crafts they have made: coffins, vampires and figures of varied shapes and materials have filled the exhibition.

collage halloween

The students of First Cycle also made some yummy and frightening  Dracula Cakes that they shared with the rest of their classmates. Delicious!!!


Thanks to  Marta Jordán Ordiales , the First Cycle teacher , for  her collaboration to these amazing works.



To celebrate this festival of terror, monsters and darkness, my 4º ESO B students have been working on writing acrostics. An acrostic is a poem (or other form of writing) in which the first letter of each line spells out a word or a message. In this case, Halloween terms should be the spine of these poetic compositions. Playing with words is another way of discovering all the possibilities that a language offers.

At first sight ,the task seemed hard , even imposible for students . Step by step they left fear out and found the work fun and joyful.

We will show you some results:





My students of PMAR have been working very hard on the decorations of their classroom doors, showing a lot of imagination.

Thanks to my students for their collaboration.

By Yolanda Clemente Sánchez


Bachillerato students have also participated in this celebration with varied projects made on posters. In them, it is shown all the information they have found on the Internet related to some of the most famous monsters and legends of all times.They have discovered  terrifying creatures and spooky legends like  The Mummy, Sleepy Hollow, The Werewolf , Jack’O’Lantern or The Errant Dutch ..

Frankestein has been the topic of other Bachillerato projects: its author (Mary Shelley), characters, main topics and historical background.

How  Halloween  is celebrated around the world is another topic  that has motivated the students to search on the Internet and find, learn and share interesting information .

Frankestein Collage

It has been an interesting and funny Halloween celebration. We wait for all of you the next year!!!


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We are surrounded by acronyms, that is, letters that mean something, that hide the name of companies,brands, sport clubs, or just expressions that we use in our everyday language.
CNN, UK, USA, NASA, NGO, VIP or FAQ constantly appear in the news we read or hear in the media or the internet.
The acronyms are quite useful and suppose a fundamental tool in what is known as economy of language. Human language tends to say the most things using the least number of words, but choosing those that best promote communication between people. This is what prevents our interlocutor from getting bored when we tell a story or stay asleep at a conference or during a lesson.
In this sense, acronyms represent a shortcut to express ideas or name things more quickly and accurately.
Another example of this economy in the language is the use of abbreviations in informal English, on the Internet or on mobile phones. Technology is a world where speed is essential, so the use of these abbreviations is common.

This can be dangerous among students and young people in general, who are more interested in getting their messages across and less concerned about correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Since texting has become a way of life of many students, it is feared that the SMS language can affect students’ written performance. 

It is the teachers’ job to correct and make  students  distinguish between the language of text messages and the  language that should be used in an academic context.

Do you know some of these SMS abbreviations? Can you create  your own TNGAs (The New Great Abbreviations) ?
@ – at
2 – to, too
2L8 – Too Late
2nite – tonight
2U2 – To you too
4 – for
ASL? – Age, Sex, Location?
AYT? – Are You There?
B4 – BeforeB / C – Because                                           
BF – Boyfriend
GF – Girlfriend
BTW – By The Way
C – see
CIO – Check It Out
CU – See You
Cud – could
CYA – See You
DIY – Do It Yourself
DL or D / L – Download
Dnr – dinner
F2F – Face to Face
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
GGL – Giggle
H & K – Hugs and Kisses
HAND – Have A Nice Day
IC – I See
J / K, JK – Just Kidding
KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid
L8 – late
L8R – Later
LOL – Laughing Out Loud
M8 – Mate
N2M – Not too Much
OMG – Oh My God
PLZ – Please
ROFL – Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROTFL – Rolling On The Floor Laughing
TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday
TX, TNX – Thanks
TYVM – Thank You Very Much
Tom – tomorrow
U – you
UL or U / L – Upload
UR – You are, your
W8 – Wait
W8AM – Wait A Minute
W / O – Without
YW – You’re Welcome

TYVM, CU ASAP (ThanK You Very Much. I See You As Soon As Possible)

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On April 26th at 1:30 pm the work Fortune’s fool, staged by the Moving On company, took place at the Cine-Teatro of Arroyo de la Luz.

This theatre group has spent more than 25 years dedicated to bringing theatre and English to students of language schools, primary, secondary, high schools and vocational training.
Our secondary school , Luis de Morales appreciates the opportunity of attending this performance to prove that you can understand much more than you imagine, since they adapt the level of representation to their audience. This year they represent Fortune’s Fool, in which they make an allegation to the power that each individual has to change their own destiny .

As Movin On explains in their website , “with the arrival of a fortune-teller in a ruinous hostel, a whole series of apparently fortuitous events begins. Harry is embroiled in a race to finally achieve the luck that he considers has always run away from him. But sometimes not everything is what it seems and life always puts everyone in their place. In these times of social networks, alternative truths and easy solutions, the work will try to make us question our reality and the world that surrounds us and will encourage us to put into practice solutions to improve our existence “.

Our students took part in the performance and the audience enjoyed a lot watching their classmates singing, dancing and acting on the theatre stage.

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ENGLISH WEEK 2017-18 Newsletter

In order to learn and explore English in a fun way, our English Week focused on the figure of Harry Potter and his magical world, specifically the first book in the series ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, whose first edition turns 20 years.

To carry out all this task and perform activities that would be attractive for our students, the team formed by the English department, together with members of other departments of the school did a great job and tried to do our best to make this English week was a success.

We can be very satisfied with the work done and with the participation of all the students in each and every one of the proposed activities.


With the participation of students and teachers, we managed to collect many objects related to the world of Harry Potter, as well as all the books in the series in their English, Spanish and German editions.

Many of these objects were made by students of the first cycle of ESO, such as magic wands, potions, flying balls to play quidditch or even magic lamps and books.

The photocall corner was a real success and the students enjoyed a lot with the costumes of Harry, and professors Dumbledore and Snape!!


Our students were  highly motivated and they made very varied and interesting works on topics related to the world of Harry Potter, such as: main characters and teachers in the books, animals and mythological creatures,  Hogwarts Houses, the Quidditch game, the movies and the author J K Rowling.


They also made  beautiful bookmarks and door handles with remarkable quotes and spells  from Harry Potter’s books

The students of 1st ESO carried out projects in their bilingual subjects of Geography and Biology related to the topic of the English Week.


Places in Harry Potter’s books.Geographical coordinates map made by Geography bilingual students of 1º ESO.


During our English Week we had the privilege of receiving the visit of Harry Potter’s books’ author JK Rowling and the same Harry Potter, the most famous wizard in the world!! They came to our school to answer all the questions that students made them-all kinds of questions about the books, characters and adventures and even dared with any questions about their private life!

After the press conference we had a trivia contest. Gryffindor students were the winners!!IMG-8021

Gryffindor House winner team



The students of 1ºBachillerato  did a short reading dramatization of one of the most known episodes of Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. It was about the Sorting Hat scene. We all enjoyed a lot with them!!

And to close this fantastic English Week, we could see the videos made by several groups of students of 3rd and 4th of ESO and 1st of Bachillerato. They all had fun moments shooting scenes taken from the Harry Potter films and demonstrated their abilities as filmmakers and actors and actresses.

Applause to all of them for their great participation in this English week and we are waiting for you next year!