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In memoriam

Elena Regodón Jiménez

Elena Regodón

“Algunas personas llegan a nuestra vida y se marchan rápidamente. Otros se quedan por un tiempo, dejando huella en nuestro corazón y nunca volvemos a ser los mismos”

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same”

Cita de Flavia Weedn.

Elena Regodón

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Halloween 2017-18

El pasado viernes los alumnos de inglés pasaron mucho miedo en el centro y no era porque “había examen”, los fantasmas, zombis, brujas, esqueletos, arañas, murciélagos… de Halloween en nuestro instituto sembraron el terror.

Pulsa sobre la imagen para ver mas fotos terroríficas.

Halloween 2017

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The IES Luis de Morales bilingual section

Reasons why the center wants to implement the program and justification of the same:

The main reason to develop the Bilingual English Section has been answering the wishes of most of the parents of our students, expressed to through collection of signatures, and after hearing their suggestions in the meetings of the School Board. Both the center and the departments directly involved in the program face two major challenge: on the one hand the development of the Integrated Curriculum in the stage of Compulsory Secondary and on the other hand to achieve a coherent and positive transition from Primary to Secondary that allows the students to adapt to the new educational stage.

Linguistic and cultural objectives of the bilingual project:

The overall objective of the project is to provide students with bilingual education and training in both cultures through an integrated curriculum based on the Spanish teaching curriculum and basic aspects of the curriculum of teaching English as a first foreign language:

To provide our students with continuity in bilingual studies in English in Secondary and High School, and prepare them for their incorporation in the university or in the working life with a training in accordance with the demands of the current world in the knowledge and use of the English language. The increase in international relations for various reasons – work, education, culture or tourism – has been favored by the improvement of the media and the rapid evolution and diffusion of information and communication technologies, in which Extremadura is a pioneer. In this context, the knowledge of a language – in our case, English – in addition to our own language, becomes a growing need in our society.

Areas to be taught in the section:

Taking into account the teachers with a definite place with which we have in the center and that have the necessary qualification to teach classes in the bilingual section, non-linguistic areas that can be taken in this modality will be those of Biology and Social Sciences of the first cycle of compulsory secondary education (1º ESO). This year we count on the collaboration of Agapito Gómez González (Social Sciencies teacher) and Ana Mª Lancho Mogollón (Biology teachers) both with the required level (B2 in English) to give these subjects.

Both the Natural Sciences and the Social Sciences are, without a doubt, areas with a great load of contents. This great wealth of vocabulary makes possible a bilingual learning of many words of the immediate environment. In addition, much of this vocabulary has a visible referent, either in a real way, or through images or flashcards that will reinforce the association of meaning with its pronunciation and/or spelling.

This project will be subject to permanent revision and modifications taking into account that each course incorporates new elements and aspects to consider and to reflect on.

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Sección bilingüe de Inglés

IES luis de MoralesNuestro instituto ha sido autorizado por la Consejería de Educación para comenzar una nueva sección de inglés a partir del curso 2017-18.  Desde este curso tenemos  alumnos de nuevo ingreso en 1º de ESO que han podido matricularse en esta sección. Esta nueva sección se implantará progresivamente durante los próximos cuatro años, por tanto este curso tenemos alumnos matriculados en 1º de ESO que cursan en ingles algunos contenidos de las asignaturas de Ciencias Sociales y Ciencias Naturales.

Bienvenidos a todos y comenzamos ….