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This year, a small group of 1st Bachillerato students started an e- twinning project together with students from Palouriotissa, Cyprus and  IIS “E. Siciliano” di Bisignano Italy

The title of the project was  “12 Months, 12 Pictures, 12 Quotes, A Motivation Calendar”

The original idea was that   students of  three different schools were responsible for one specific month . They should  take a picture which represented that month and write their own motivation quote. This would be  an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a little bit closer to their goals and to  find different solutions in their everyday lives.

Students wrote self- introductions and recorded video to show their parterns who they were. Then they made trivial games  about their own  countries so as their European partners could learn more about their countries and culture.

When we were ready to begin with our motivation calendar , Covid -19 broke into our lives and the whole situation changed from night to day. Our mates from Cyprus and Italy were in a similar or worse situation than us: schools closed, suffering everywhere., uncertainty. The difficult situation made it impossible to continue with our project.

However ,as our Italian partner claimed  “Our motto is #It will be alright and we want to extend this hope to everyboby “, we decided to send  good energy to all students. Each school created a padlet with images and  thoughts  by students  in the middle of this pandemic crisis.

This is  our result



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