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Peace Day Essays

In order to celebrate Peace Day, some of our students wrote about the idea of peace. Here we have some of their best compositions:

“Peace is a very important issue. Some say that if we all work together we will achieve world peace, but I think it´s impossible. The human race is violent by nature. There will always be a fight somewhere”. Victoria.

“We must fight for peace and for wars to end. May we all live free and without fear, that guns and bombs are only used in video games and not to kill other people for their colour, religion, regions or opinions”. Lidia.

“Peace Day is one of the most beautiful days, because the most beautiful thing is peace. But it is something unusual; that is why we have chosen a day to remind us that we should all be in peace”. Álvaro.

“In my opinion, peace is a very difficult thing to get because in this world there are many types of people and it is impossible that we don´t find conflicts. Then, it is impossible to find peace.” Aritz.

“It is important for everyone, because you live better. A world without peace would be a disaster. Many people die if there is war and with peace that would not happen. War is bad for living beings and for the Earth.” Nerea and Carmen.

“In my opinion, peace in the world is a very important issue. Many countries do not know what peace is since they are always at war. I think that every country should agree to avoid confrontations that cause many deaths and many social problems. The truth is that it is very difficult but not impossible, since Trump presides…” Kevin and Nerea.

No doubt, our students know peace is a serious matter. Their future depends on it.


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