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JOB PROFILE: Headhunter


Where do they work?

 In   big companies such as Linkedin.

 What do they do?
 Headhunters choose professionals who can form part of their database.

Why do they do it ?
To help companies to find the talented people they need in their organizations.

What are the requirements?
Postgraduate in HR (Human Resources) or Coach training.

When do they work?
They work 24 hours a day, even at weekends from their houses using their PC, mobile pone and Ipads.

What skills do they need?
-They must be up to date. The way to do this is by attending events, conferences, presentations, places where potential candidates maybe.

-Having an evaluation capability is important to evaluate the professional fit of the candidates for what our client needs.

-Objectivity vs. subjectivity. In a selection process they must maintain the utmost objectivity.

-Discretion. Sometimes the search is by substitution and the person who is going to be replaced still occupies the position.

-Professionalism and integrity.

-Flexibility: Processes can change so you have to adapt to the circumstances.

-Passion and tenacity. You don’t always find your candidate fast!

-Conviction: Some candidates are not in active search and do not even expect the call of a Headhunter. The first approach is very important.

Famous headhunters

Jorge Mendes is a Portuguese footballer representative who chairs the Gestifute representation company. He is considered one of the most influential in the world and among his clients are Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodríguez and coach Jose Mourinho among other world class players.


Posted by Alba Granado González, student of  Second Year of Vocational Training.


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