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Our Conversation Club

Our conversation club has started.

Every Thursday, during the second break, a few of us will be talking in English in the staff room. Maybe with some tea and some biscuits, like real English men and women. The time and the venue are provisional. We might even join together after school if our idea becomes a success. Also, we can get in touch with other high schools in the area around Cáceres and see if they are interested in the experience. The more participants, the better.

As for our students of ESO, Iḿ afraid they are not crazy about meeting during breaks to talk in English. They must think that our conversation club needs some special commitment, or perhaps they just prefer to relax before going to classes again. In any case, they might change their minds if we show them that idle chatting is fun as well as a good way to learn and improve.

By the way, in our conversation club we can talk about anything, but it seems sensible to avoid political and religious issues in order not to hurt anyone`s feelings.

And last, but not least, our high school has just been subscribed to SPEAK UP, an English magazine that will be at our disposal whenever we want. Apart from their articles, this magazine offers a DVD every two months that can be used for our purpose. That powerful resource will make our club far more interesting: everybody enjoys a good film.

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