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What type of person are you?

I asked one of my students in fourth year of ESO what type of person he was, and he told me he was a competitive one. Then I asked him why, and he explained to me that we live in a competitive world. That answer reminded me of the American idea of success: being a loser, a winner… And all that crap. They learn that from very early in life. If you do well at sport, you will be popular. If you get good marks at primary and secondary school, you will be able to go to a good university and get a good job later on. if you overcome a difficult situation you become an overcomer and an example for everybody around you. They prepare you lo live in an individual society of self-made men and women. It may seem cruel, but that´s the way it is, my student came to say. Who knows, he maybe be right, we speak another language, but in the end, we are not so different.

So, what type of person are you?

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