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E-twinning project:

4º ESO B students are taking part in an international  project on  e-twinning . E-twinning is a learning European platform  which offers both ,students and teachers, the opportunity to communicate, share  and develop projects within a secure network. The title of our project is Christmas around Europe. Students from several countries :Poland, Italy, Croatia ,Romania and Spain will show how Christmas is celebrated in their countries.

The main goals of the project are:

1. Getting to know Christmas customs and traditions around Europe
2. Developing language skills
3. Improving the knowledge of Twinspace and communication tool

The work will be developed in four steps:

1. Introduction of the different groups of students
2. Sharing  information about Christmas food, church services, family gatherings . The participants will sing ”Silent Night” in a native language
3. Christmas cards exchange
4. The display of X-mas cards in each school sharing the experience

We have just finished our introduction. This is the result:

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Where do they study?

In the ATO schools, which are schools that are accredited by the State Agency for Air Safety (AESA), which is the body that regulates airspace and drone flight.

What do they do?

Maintenance tasks:check turrets and power lines, telephone stations and wind turbines.
Home deliveryIn the future, instead of opening the door tothe dealer we will be waiting for a drone to bring us the order home.
Real estateTake panoramic views of birds. Especially for urbanizations or land with potential for construction.
Wedding photographyMany couples want to give a newapproach to their album. That’s why they hire cameradroneto take pictures from the heights.
Police operations: Search of missing people, forests fires, rescue of survivors ,control of borders and many others.


Why do they do it?

Generating business opportunities, for infrastructure,agriculture and transportation, drons can generate  interesting business opportunities.
It is one of the jobs with more future opprtunities.
What are the requirements?


-Demonstrate some theoretical and practical knowledge.
-Being over 18 years
-A valid medical certificate.
-Be registered in AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea)
-Have specific civil liability insurance for aircraft.

What skills do they need?

To know about radiocontrol or robotics,  both the aircraft and all the systems it includes, as well as handle it safely when it is in the air.

When do they work?

They work when they are hired by a company that needs the services of a drone pilot or selfemployed, being 
a freelancerand offering to perform work or activities related to a drone.
Posted by Elena Salomé González, student of Second Year of Vocational Training.
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JOB PROFILE:Youtuber or Instagramer


Where do they work? They usually work at home or in public places where they make their videos.

What do they do? They share what they capture with their cameras through either Instagram or  youtube.

Why  do they do it? Because they love the world of technology and enjoy making people laugh and they also want to share their experiences with many people.

When do they work? The youtubers and instagramers work when they want because they do not have a fixed schedule. They work whenever they have a good idea.

What are the requirements? Anyone can be a youtuber or instagramer with just a few simple steps to be:

Step 1: Enable monetization on your channel.

Step 2: Link your YouTube channel to an adsense account to earn money and receive payments for your monetized videos.


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Job Profile: Home Automation Technician


It is carried out in a house since it is a set of technologies that are based on the automation of a house, for example, how to open the blinds or regulate the heating by means of a mobile or a tablet. Energy saving is one of the great strengths of this type of home technology, through the use of sensors, and it is possible to make better use of natural resources. The main objective of home automation is to offer comfort to the user by combining it with security.


 The professional dedicated to the sector of the implementation of intelligent systems in the homes is in charge, mainly, of managing, supervising and repairing any domotic equipment. As a technician, you must have computer skills and the languages ​​used in this type of communication.


Security has always been an undeniable leg for home automation. Perhaps the claim that more followers have harvested, since we all want our home to be a quiet and safe place. It is the most intimate place we have, where we live and keep all our most valuable possessions. There are many security systems to protect our homes.



The graduate in Electronic Engineering will prepare you to design manufacture and maintain from the simplest electronic device to the most complex of cutting-edge technology. It will train you for the design of domestic and industrial automations.


A home automation technician works according to the schedule to which a customer notifies him  ,  either because he has had a technical problem in his home or because they are doing the construction of a house and installing the different types of technologies in it


El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.


Posted by Samyuel Tsvetanv Iliev, student of Second Year of Professional Training.

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  • Where do they work?

They work in laboratories.

  • What do they do? 

They add new DNA to existing ones to obtain new features.

  • What are the requirements?

You have to study the biology degree or you can also access studying biochemistry.

  • What skills do they need?

They have the ability to make babies on demand.

  • When do They work?

They work in their laboratories daily and very hard, because it’s a difficult job,.They need to research a lot.



Posted by Sheyla Barriga Borreguero, student of Second Year of Vocational Training

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Recycling technician

  • What do they do?

The recycling technicians are responsible for organizing the recycling or reuse of various waste materials, such as paper and glass, in local communities. They also play an important didactic role in promoting recycling.

  • Industrial technician connected with tablet in recyling plantWhere do they work?tecnico de reciclaje 1

They work in scrapyards, waste managers, incinerators, metals, composting plants, triage plants, paper recovery and landfills.

  • What are the requirements?

The Waste Management Technician must be able to identify the environmental impact and minimize the costs of managing urban and industrial waste by correctly classifying and characterizing them

  • What skills do they need?

The technician in waste management must know the different flows of urban and industrial waste, as well as their possibilities of treatment.


Posted by Violeta Padilla Bermejo, student of Second Year of Professional Training.

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Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos (ABP o PBL, Project-based learning)

This year our students of Second Year of Professional Training are going to work with projects.This way of working in the classroom helps your students

  • learn to learn

  • encourages them to participate

  • achieves significant learning

Working with projects consists of proposing to the students a research or development project with specific objectives that they must achieve. The students themselves must organize, obtain information, organize and elaborate to answer the proposed question or to solve the problem.


PBL Graphic Alone

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After making a brainstorm with the students about the jobs that will be more demanded in the future or that will have greater relevance, we decided to make a series of professional profiles.
The students chose those jobs that were most interesting to them and after searching the internet, they completed a file answering key questions about these professions with a future.
Jobs as a biomechanical engineer, drone pilot, domotic technician, 3D printing technician, recycling technician, scout, video game player or blogger and instagramer,

They will post their projects in this blog to share their experiences with the rest of the school groups. These are their contributions:

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(profesiones-estudiossuperiores1  .Páginas Amarillas Soluciones Digitales S.A.U.)

We would appreciate your comments on these professions. We are looking forward to your opinions.

  • Do you think they will be so important in the near future?
  • Would you like to study to become one of these professionals?
  • Do you think there are other jobs that could be added to these successful professional profiles?
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This year Halloween  has been equally terrifying, or even more so, than previous courses. Our school has been fantastically decorated with the work done by the students  of first and second cycle of ESO and of the first year of bachillerato. Besides, students of PMAR and basic vocational training have also contributed their bit.

We are going to tell you about the spooky jobs that students have done for Halloween and we will also show you some pictures to share with you.

First Cycle of ESO


ESO’s first cycle works have focused on the figure and legend of Count Dracula. Students have researched the origins of the most famous vampire in history and have learned a lot about this evil character.

Students have shown great interest and have demonstrated outstanding imagination in the crafts they have made: coffins, vampires and figures of varied shapes and materials have filled the exhibition.

collage halloween

The students of First Cycle also made some yummy and frightening  Dracula Cakes that they shared with the rest of their classmates. Delicious!!!


Thanks to  Marta Jordán Ordiales , the First Cycle teacher , for  her collaboration to these amazing works.



To celebrate this festival of terror, monsters and darkness, my 4º ESO B students have been working on writing acrostics. An acrostic is a poem (or other form of writing) in which the first letter of each line spells out a word or a message. In this case, Halloween terms should be the spine of these poetic compositions. Playing with words is another way of discovering all the possibilities that a language offers.

At first sight ,the task seemed hard , even imposible for students . Step by step they left fear out and found the work fun and joyful.

We will show you some results:





My students of PMAR have been working very hard on the decorations of their classroom doors, showing a lot of imagination.

Thanks to my students for their collaboration.

By Yolanda Clemente Sánchez


Bachillerato students have also participated in this celebration with varied projects made on posters. In them, it is shown all the information they have found on the Internet related to some of the most famous monsters and legends of all times.They have discovered  terrifying creatures and spooky legends like  The Mummy, Sleepy Hollow, The Werewolf , Jack’O’Lantern or The Errant Dutch ..

Frankestein has been the topic of other Bachillerato projects: its author (Mary Shelley), characters, main topics and historical background.

How  Halloween  is celebrated around the world is another topic  that has motivated the students to search on the Internet and find, learn and share interesting information .

Frankestein Collage

It has been an interesting and funny Halloween celebration. We wait for all of you the next year!!!


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gamer          skull


GAMER means player, or translated into serious Spanish: Viciado. GAMER is anyone who spends a minimum of time playing video games. Then clearly, there are the GAMERS trolls, the fanboys gamers, and the maximumgamers that are those that spend 22 hours playing in a row…



A video game player, gamer or gamer, also known by gamer Anglicism, is anyone who likes video games. … A gamer is that person who is known for playing with great dedication and interest in video games and for having an extensive knowledge about these and at the same time, they charge.



Being a gamer can be summarized as “a person who likes video games” or “a person whose hobby is video games”. But being a gamer is much more than that. The gamers do not belong to any urban tribe, they do not dress in any particular way, but they all share the same hobby, the same passion



                       LEE JAE DONG                                          

                                                                 JHONATHAN WENDEL             MIROSLAVH BASLHIfamous


Posted by Felix Carrero Marín, student of Second Year of Vocational Training.

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JOB PROFILE: Headhunter


Where do they work?

 In   big companies such as Linkedin.

 What do they do?
 Headhunters choose professionals who can form part of their database.

Why do they do it ?
To help companies to find the talented people they need in their organizations.

What are the requirements?
Postgraduate in HR (Human Resources) or Coach training.

When do they work?
They work 24 hours a day, even at weekends from their houses using their PC, mobile pone and Ipads.

What skills do they need?
-They must be up to date. The way to do this is by attending events, conferences, presentations, places where potential candidates maybe.

-Having an evaluation capability is important to evaluate the professional fit of the candidates for what our client needs.

-Objectivity vs. subjectivity. In a selection process they must maintain the utmost objectivity.

-Discretion. Sometimes the search is by substitution and the person who is going to be replaced still occupies the position.

-Professionalism and integrity.

-Flexibility: Processes can change so you have to adapt to the circumstances.

-Passion and tenacity. You don’t always find your candidate fast!

-Conviction: Some candidates are not in active search and do not even expect the call of a Headhunter. The first approach is very important.

Famous headhunters

Jorge Mendes is a Portuguese footballer representative who chairs the Gestifute representation company. He is considered one of the most influential in the world and among his clients are Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodríguez and coach Jose Mourinho among other world class players.


Posted by Alba Granado González, student of  Second Year of Vocational Training.

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Twilight of Shades

I used to think that modern poets were nasty people, but not any more. Apart from being a good person and a good friend, Mario Lourtau writes excellent poetry, and the literary prizes he has got is proof for that. The first time I read one of his books I felt a strange feeling inside. I could see the quality of those verses, but that little man did not regard himself a god, he didn´t boast himself or looked down on me as many arrogant poets tend to do with those who are not expert at what they do. Then I told him about the images of his poetry, and the words that reminded the childhood in Extremadura and the vocabulary that surprises once and again. No doubt Mario masters Spanish. But he also writes English poems. I did not know that until Carmen, the language teacher in our high school, asked Mario to talk about his literary work to our students. Then I discovered another advantage of being bilingual: I could appreciate and compare both the beauty of the Spanish version and the English one of TWILIGHT OF SHADES. Thank you Mario. We will not be afraid of literature, as you advise us, I promise.